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Are You Ready to Buy a Home?

Mar 06, 2017
Should I buy a home? Or should I rent? Read on to find out if you are ready ...
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5 Ways to Sell Your House Stress-Free

Mar 03, 2017
Selling your home can be stressful. Here are 5 ways to stay focused and positive as you sell ...
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The Homes of Abraham Lincoln

Feb 20, 2017
Abraham Lincoln is making a comeback. I’m not quite sure he ever really went away, but Hollywood & ...
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A “Big Game” Real Estate Showdown

Jan 31, 2017
Forget the spread. The Falcons and Patriots winner can be determined using real estate data. There’s a game ...
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5 of our Favorite Smart Homes for Sale Right...

Jan 09, 2017
If you are looking for the latest gadgets in the smart home design, it is best to check ...
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The 2017 Smart Home Marketplace Survey: Amer...

Jan 02, 2017
Admit it – we all talk to ourselves a bit at home, and before you know it your ...
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The 2017 Housing Market: The Hottest Markets

Dec 23, 2016
According to, which surveyed the 100 largest U.S. housing markets, of the 10 that will record the ...
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